Exhibitions 1988 – 2019


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There are thousands of abandoned dogs in  Tenerife. For the past ten years I’ve been helping the dog refuges on the island to publicise the problem. Now I’m hoping to raise awareness of the issues with an exhibition of my paintings of rescue dogs.

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I will be splitting the exhibition into two contrasting types of painting … On one side of the room: bleak, black, lonely, edgy, paintings—encapsulating the sadness & loneliness of these dogs’ lives. And on the other side: colourful, optimistic, happy paintings—which present an alternative and show dogs’ quirky, funny side.  


I don’t want to show just the serious, political, depressing images without showing the alternative. After all, dogs are fun —this is why we love them! I’d like to show that there can be a better future for these abandoned dogs … to leave people uplifted and motivated to do something— perhaps to donate some food, or visit a refuge and take a dog for a walk, or ideally to adopt a rescue dog. 


Exhibition El Medano – 2018 


Comments about Exhibition

“Congrats on your exhibition Nikki Attree! Beautiful but such a sad and confronting painting ‘Behind Bars’ of the ‘Rescue me’ collection. Soon also to be seen at Adeje’s Cultural Center. The message is clear. DON’T SHOP BUT ADOPT’…”

(Linda Wainright)

“Inspiring afternoon thanks to you – fantastic work, I love what you do, and your murals are amazing…”


“Thank you Nikki Attree for your great work … and especially for the messages in your art for animals…”

(María Teresa García Rodríguez)

“Very good exhibition . Very interesting combination painting and poetry…”

(Katya Gridneva)




List of Exhibitions

Exhibion planned for October 2019

El Medano, Tenerife 2018 ( See Photos ) – mixed artwork paintings and sculptures and murals

Centro Cultural de Adeje, Tenerife – ( submitted painting) Mujeres Creativa March 2018)

Magma centre Tenerife- Digital Beach – 2012 July

K9 Tenerife – Dog Calendars 2011 and 2009

Flash Point, El Medano Tenerife – Aug 2008

Brighton Festival, UK – May 2007

Marlipins Museum, W Sussex , UK– July 2005

The Verda River Boat, Sussex, UK – June 2005

Brighton Fishing Museum, UK – Sept 2004

Sussex Innovation Centre, UK – June 2004

Brighton Fringe Festival, UK – May 2004

Grange Art Gallery, Brighton, UK – Oct 2003

The Connaught Theatre, Sussex, UK – Aug 2003.

Sussex Arts Club – Nov 2002 to Jan 2003

The Jelly Leg ’d Chicken Arts Centre, Reading – 1999

Degree Show, University of Westminster London – June 1988

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