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Nobody’s Poodle and Somebody’s Doodle has been written in collaboration with my husband Richard  Attree.

Nobody’s Poodle is inspired by my work with the dog refuges and owning a rescue dog myself.

How could anybody abandon a dog like Gizmo … ?

When loveable Labradoodle, Gizmo, is uprooted from his home in cold, grey, muddy England to start a new life in Tenerife, he’s stoic. But just when he’s learnt the local woof-speak and survived an out-of-botty experience at the vet he’s abandoned on the mean streets of Costa del Scorchio.

Every day’s a struggle. His soulmate, Katie, is snatched from him. He’s captured and nearly torn apart in El Bastardo’s dog-fighting ring … But Gizmo’s a survivor. He’s a spokesmutt for the underdog and a canine philosopher.

You’ll learn how his universe works. How dogs invented the internet (‘SmellNet’), email (‘SmellMail’) and wifi (‘Whiffy’). And you’ll celebrate their dogged, Zen-like stoicism in the face of human stupidity, indifference, and cruelty.

With a cast of wonderful woofers and a story that’s the mutt’s nuts, NOBODY’S POODLE is the dog’s danglies of a book!

Gizmo talks about Nobody’s Poodle from Gizmo TV on Vimeo.


Somebody’s Doodle is a fast moving, heady mix of crime, humour, romance, and a few dogs. As it races towards the climax the human protagonists search for truth and reconciliation, and begin to glimpse what we can all learn from our canine friends.

When petty criminals ‘Flash Harry’ Smith and Jack (‘The Lad’) Jones start nicking dogs they soon realise that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Their victim, Elizabeth Parker-Smyth, is a high flying movie producer with a Grand Design of a house in Hampstead, and a designer dog to match. Their nemesis is a quirky, big-hearted pet detective, who tracks the dognappers through cyberspace and finds herself fatally embroiled in their downward spiral.

Then there are the two pairs of Star Crossed Lovers. One couple may be human and the other canine, but they share similar memories of a whirlwind romance: “We will always have Stoke Newington.”

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