New art project (July 2019 –   ) raising awareness about environmental problems our planet faces…

This is the first art piece, Title: The Gaia Principle (See What You’ve Done!) Acrylics on canvas 90cm x 70cm.

“The Gaia Principle describes the Earth as a single, living organism, with all its biological, geological, chemical and hydrological processes acting in concert, to regulate the planet and ensure its survival through an exquisite array of feedback loops.” quote from James Lovelock a scientist, and environmentalist (1979)

Nikki attree artist


‘ART WITH A HEART’ – A project (March 2019 – October 2109 ) to combine the emotional impact of art with the power of the internet to publicise and, hopefully, find homes for abandoned dogs. click here to find out more

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For the past two years (2017- 2019) I’ve been working on a project called: ‘RESCUE ME! – PAINTINGS AND POEMS – WITH A MESSAGE’. The paintings are based on dogs I’ve met in the refuges and abandoned on the streets here in Tenerife.

The exhibtion of this project will be at the Adeje Cultural center Tenerife October 18th – 30th (2019) Opening show 18th Oct 19:00 – 22:00.

Nikki Attree, artist in her studio and with Gizmo the dog, El Medano, Tenerife.

Nikki Attree

The aim is to get people to think about the plight of these abandoned dogs, show that there can be a better future for them, and to motivate people to do something. The message is: visit a refuge and rescue a dog!

Please click Here to go to the ‘Rescue Me’ Collection and join me on my facebook page.


My work featured in Dogs Monthly Feb 2019

art with a heart dogs montly


To find out how I started on my artistic journey (with some occasionally embarrassing pics) check out my ABOUT ME page

Facebook Nikki Attree

Nikki Attree Artist from Gizmo TV on Vimeo.


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