About Nikki Attree

Nikki Attree is an artist, photographer and author living in el Medano, Tenerife, Spain. She graduated with a degree in photography from the University of Westminster, London, worked as a freelance photographer in the UK before moving to Tenerife in 2007, where she began making sculpture and painting with acrylics on canvas.

Nikki will be having an exhibition in 2019 ‘Rescue Me’ at the ‘Adeje Cultural Centre’ Tenerife which which aims to raise awareness of the issues of abandoned dogs. 

You can contact her on facebook here  or via the contact page

Along with her art work, Nikki also helps to promote the hardworking animal rescue centres in Tenerife, by producing calendars for them, and running social networking campaigns. You can sniff out Gizmo’s page ( Nikki’s rescue dog) here  Gizmo

Her “Digital Dogs” images (some of which were produced for the 2011 calendar) celebrate Man’s Best Friend in a variety of quirky, fun and unusual settings: a skateboarding dog, a pooch making music on a laptop, a pup driving a truck …

Her work has appeared in galleries, magazines, and is available to buy from the London Art website. Her stock photos are available from Alamy and Photofusion

She has published two books, co-written with her husband, Richard, and inspired by her work with the dog refuges and owning a rescue dog herself: ‘Nobody’s Poodle’ (published in 2013) and ‘Somebody’s Doodle‘ (2016) – both are available as paperbacks and e-books from Amazon.

Visit Nikki’s Facebook NikkiAttreeArt


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