Environmental Art


James Lovelock, scientist and environmentalist, explained it like this: “The Gaia Principle describes the Earth as a single, living organism, with all its biological, geological, chemical and hydrological processes acting in concert, to regulate the planet and ensure its survival through an exquisite array of feedback loops.”

‘SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE!’ illustrates this fundamental principle by showing a living, weeping planet and the emotional impact it has on a young boy—the generation who’ll inherit the damage our greed has caused.

Since 2007 I have  lived in Tenerife, one of the Spanish Canary Islands. As a keen windsurfer I have witnessed the pollution of the ocean with plastic waste and the effect this has on marine wildlife.

Nikki attree artist

Rasta Dude

Made from recycled bicycle chains etc


Title: ‘They’re Not Just Trees… They’re my Home’
– Acrylics on Canvas 1.30 metres x 90cm

Painting in progress…

‘Burning forests to make way for plantations to support the world’s demand for palm oil is one of the main causes of the decline in numbers of Orangutans’ -The Independent