RESCUE ME! – paintings and poems – with a message …

Why is it that every other commercial on TV has a dog in it? Because the appeal of Man’s Best Friend is powerful and enduring. As an artist, and a dog lover, I’ve long been fascinated by this universal appeal and my clients often commission me to paint portraits of their pooch.

But I’ve always been saddened by the cruelty Man can inflict on his Best Friend and for the past ten years I’ve been helping the local refuges to publicise the problems. Now I’m hoping to raise awareness of the issues with my paintings of rescue dogs: ‘RESCUE ME!’

Each painting is accompanied by a short poem (co-written with my husband, the writer: Richard Attree). 

The aim is to show that there can be a better future for these abandoned dogs and to motivate people to do something. The message is: visit a refuge and rescue a dog!



I know my way round an iBone

And into your head, heart, and phone.

I know about SmellMail, and Wiffy,

This is the real me – not a selfish selfie.

I’m Man’s Best Friend, and your friend for life.

You’ll laugh more, live longer, with me around.

I need you and you need me …

This is my message to U !


This is Not a Bone…


DOG 1 (Doubtful): “So, this is not a bone?”
DOG 2 (Angry): “In that case I’m gonna moan!”
DOG 3 (Explaining): “The humans call it Art”
DOG 1 “And I’m gonna play a part?”
DOG 2 “To me it looks like a fake!”
DOG 3 “Art for Art’s sake, Bone’s for Dogs’ Sake”
DOG 1 “Maybe I’m a little bit thick?”
DOG 2 “And I’ve got a bone to pick!”



Rescue me

There are too many of me
Don’t you see?

Set me free
To be me
Rescue me

I am Not The Problem



Lost in The City

You didn’t even say goodbye

Now I am alone

What did I do wrong

Why didn’t you love me

Every car that passes, I hope it’s you

To take me home 

Now the pavements and the neon lights

Are my only shelter



Free as a Bird

I’m dreaming of freedom
to be free as a bird.
To run, to jump, to play …
To dance, to woof, to fly …
Why? Why not?



who am I


I’m looking at the dog in the frame

(and I’m thinking …)

He’s trapped in there – what a shame!

He should just dig his way out.

I’m looking at the dog on the wall

(and I’m thinking …)

He shouldn’t be there at all!

He should be running, jumping, sniffing.

I’m looking at the dog on the wall

(and I’m thinking …)

Who am I?




Dog: I was homeless, wandering the streets.
Lost, starving, without a friend in the world.
But he gave me a home – in his arms,
And he saved my life.

Man: I was homeless, at the end of the road,
At death’s door, about to kick the bucket.
But I found my Man’s Best friend,
And he saved my life.



Behind Bars


I may be behind bars

But I am still alive.

I’m a prisoner, but I won’t starve.

They do their best here,

But I want to be free …

And I can’t leave without your help.




reflections low res

Look at this painting …

Come closer …

Look at the reflection.

Much closer …

Do you see another one?

Even closer….

Reflections within reflections.

See what I mean?




I’m a conceptual dog,
With a message.
Look inside me …
I’m stuffed with thoughts.

I’m a disposable dog,
Use once and throw away.
Made of plastic you don’t need,
Recycle Me!