Animals on Canvas

Here are some examples of my animal paintings. I can be contacted on facebook NikkiAttreeArt or via my contact page.



Diesel finished low big res

50cm x 50cm – Boxed Canvas frame


low res big Cadbury

50cm x 50cm – Boxed Canvas frame





Tips on taking photographs

When taking a photo of your furry friend get down to their level ( eye level) don’t use flash as you will only get red eye. Try to fill the frame.

Take the photo in natural light where there is light (outdoors) and take the pic with the sun behind you. In Tenerife the light can be very harsh so the morning or evening light is preferable or just when the sun goes behind the clouds.

Having a friend to help you take photos might be a good idea, as one of you can hold on to the lead ,if your pooch keeps running away. Having a few treats to give to your dog might encourage him to sit longer ! Maybe a few days before you take the pictures, practice getting him to sit and give him a treat as a reward.

Lastly take a lot of photos ,in the digital age it doesn’t cost you anything to take a lot of photos ,only your time and one of them will be of a sufficient quality.

Happy snapping 🙂