Betty loved the laid back lifestyle…

An illustration I did for Beverley Cuddy the Editor of Dog’s Today Magazine.

‘Betty loved the laid back lifestyle, she liked nothing better than relaxing in an armchair with a copy of Dogs Today Magazine, Leave the rushing around and gymnastics to more energetic pooches…”

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My method of working

I first started drawing cartoons at the beginning of lockdown as I wanted to produce art that has a humorous element to it. My method of working began when I was doing an online illustration course. The tutor explained how he worked – first he drew on A3 + paper then scanned his illustration to his computer and used image manipulation software to make alterations.
The Illustrator was still able to sell his original artwork, and had an image he could use commercially for a book etc.

Separate drawings on A4 paper

However, in my case, it’s unlikely anyone will buy my original cartoons and I can’t afford an A3+ scanner. So I decided to draw the dogs etc, separately, on A4 paper, scan the drawings on my A4 scanner and build up the elements of the cartoon in photoshop. This method allows me to move and resize any of the separate scanned drawings.
If anyone would like to buy a cartoon it’s very affordable as a print.

I hope to finish my book of cartoons by the end of this year 2021

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Unchain the truth

The third frame of the cartoon ‘Canine Conceptual – Art by avant guard Dogs. The Title “UNCHAIN THE TRUTH” – A performance piece by the artist known as ‘Barking Mad’

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Somebody’s Doodle is NO 1

Need an escape from gloom and doom?

SOMEBODY’S DOODLE, the second in the Gizmo series, is a fast-moving, canine cozy mystery. As it races towards the climax, the human protagonists search for truth and reconciliation and glimpse what we can all learn from Man’s Best Friend. Download it from your local Amazon store with this link:

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