Thinking Things

Do things think? Who knows? Well ok, bear with me… What if they did think … What would they be thinking?

This is the Thinking behind my ´Thinking Things´ project

Thinking things will get you thinking about everyday objects in a new light.


Dog Endz At The Nowzad Clinic Afghanistan

When I saw this photo on Pen Farthing’s Twitter page I got such a buzz. The power of books and humour and dogs—to cross borders and unite people …So happy to bring a smile to the faces of these two veterinary staff at the Nowzad clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Pen Farthing is an ex-marine & Founder of Nowzad dog charity & best-selling author.

Nowzad launched Operation Ark, a fundraising operation to charter a plane to transport its staff and their dogs and cats to the UK. Pen now is back in Kabul and the Nowzad clinic.

Dog Endz – A wooftastic collection of cartoons

By Nikki Attree

is available from Amazon:

Dog Endz out NOW

Dog Endz: A collection of wooftastic cartoons is published. So SNIFF IT OUT NOW ON  Amazon

“In an ever more cruel world, Dog Endz brought a smile to my face ̈ – Pen Farthing, Sunday Times best-selling author and founder of Nowzad dog charity.

̈Nikki Attree sees the world through the eyes of our Best Friends and reflects their innocent humour. This collection will warm your heart. We all need to be a bit more dog and be present. And this would make a great present! ̈
Beverley Cuddy Editor of Dogs Today Magazine.

Dog Endz is brilliantly funny and humourously insightful. I loved it! PS I would advise anyone  concentrating on opening up their chakra not to do it too close to Victor!” – Peter Egan, actor (Downtown Abbey, AfterLife) and UK Ambassador to Animals Asia.

Sniff out DogEndz and discover what’s going on inside a dog …

  • How do dogs manipulate humans?
  • How should a dog behave on a first date?
  • What events would be in the K9 Olympics?
  • Which movies do dogs love best?
  • What would an exhibition of canine art be like?

These are just a few of the issues explored in DogEndz—questions that have puzzled humans and dogs ever since they became Man’s Best Friend.

The return of the mouse

I recently bought a humane mousetrap, and surprisingly it was successful! I caught a pesky critter. I then released the mouse down the road, watching it skip merrily away into the distance as I opened the mouse trap door.

However, I suspect the mouse I released, came back with a friend (see cartoon) as whenever I put food in the trap, the food disappears, but the door doesn’t close!

Now the mice are using the Mousetrap as a Restaurant/Takeaway Service! They sure are clever those mice LOL.

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The Shaggy (aka ‘The Shagster’)

Shaggy (aka ‘The Shagster’)—the Rock-and-Roll Terrier from Texas, who appears in Chapter 10 of my book co-authored with Richard Attree  ‘SOMEBODY’S DOODLE.

Our canine cozy mystery SOMEBODY’S DOODLE has just been released as an audiobook. It was shortlisted for last year’s Page Turner Awards and we won an audiobook production contract with Spectrum Audiobooks.
The narration, by Greg Patmore, is wonderful. I’m in awe of the way he switches effortlessly between so many different voices: Cockney, posh British, Yorkshire, smooth Californian, redneckTexan, male, female—and then back to the dry, witty narrator.
You can check out a free sample with these links:


And here’s the blurb:

When petty criminals “Flash Harry” Smith and Jack (“The Lad”) Jones start nicking dogs, they soon realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew…
Their victim, Elizabeth Parker-Smyth, is a high-flying movie producer with a Grand Design of a house and a designer dog to match. Their hostages, Gizmo and Doodle, are the co-stars of her next film: “Nobody’s Poodle”. Their nemesis, Annie Capello, is a quirky, big-hearted pet detective, who tracks the dognappers through cyberspace and finds herself entangled in their shenanigans.
Then there are the two pairs of star-crossed lovers. One couple may be human and the other canine, but they share similar memories of a whirlwind romance: “We’ll always have Stoke Newington”.
Somebody’s Doodle is a fast-moving, heady mix of crime, humour, romance, and some wooftastic dogs. As it races towards the climax, the human protagonists search for truth and reconciliation and glimpse what we can all learn from Man’s Best Friend.

Check out the audiobook here


Hope this cartoon made you smile 🙂

Hoping to find a publisher, but if not will self publish my collection of wooftastic cartoons 🙂

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